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  1. I prefer to remain anonymous, and I enjoyed your article about the the Cadyville Train, but there’s a minor detail you have wrong. I grew up on the Kent Falls Rd. in the 60’s. The train used to run through what was our back yard and we used to play in the woods and run along where the tracks used to be. The only things left there in the 60’s were railroad ties, a few spikes, and some coal, so I believe your info that the tracks were removed in the mid to late 70’s is incorrect. Even during that time, the railroad ties were pretty decayed. I would have to guess that the tracks, at least in our back yard were removed late 50’s or very very early 60’s.

    ” The track was torn up in the mid to late 1970’s. ”

    I had family in Morrisonville and Cadyville and my grandfather was a huge railroad buff. I don’t recall seeing any tracks in Morrisonville when I grew up there.

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