We Missed the Cadyville Train

By Joe Provost

Old Timers still remember when you could hop a train at Cadyville and Morrisonville to shop in Plattsburgh, visit family, or go to work in Dannemora.  The Cadyville station was located at, and remains today, as part of the present day Wood Grain Unfinished Furniture store on Route 3 west of the Rte. 374 highway junction.

The D&H Depot Cadyville, NY


Rail service west of Plattsburgh was not possible until the Delaware and Hudson RR erected service between Port Henry and Plattsburgh.  That link allowed trains to run between Albany and Montreal for the first time. Three years later, the Plattsburgh and Dannemora Railroad was organized by New York State to connect the State Prison at Dannemora with the mainline at Plattsburgh for the transfer of prisoners.  The train also made it easier for local people to travel.  It also helped local farmers, charcoal makers, and lumber mills to transport their goods.

Here I have a copy of the earliest RR schedule I could find:

1879 Railroad Schedule


The Railroad through Cadyville helped business and local men prosper for many years.  When I was converting the old Civic Center (also known as the Bingo Hall, Rustic Casino and more) into apartments, there was an old timer on his porch across the street.  The first time I met him, he tapped his cane on the porch to get my attention and waved me over.  From that day on I sat and talked with Arthur Chubs Favaro many times.  He was willing to share with me the times he knew of Cadyville.

Here is a picture of Chubs in a group photo at the Cadyville RR Depot.


There are few remnants of the Railroad left.  The track was torn up in the mid to late 1970’s.  Many buildings and coal bins have deteriorated and have been torn down.

Few of those who rode that line for a good part of their lives would believe that a century later almost all signs of Plattsburgh and Dannemora Railroad through Cadyville would be gone.

The base of the old water tower in Cadyville.


Today, at least one structure still remains prominently visible.  The base of the old water tower at the Cadyville station stands adjacent to the Wood Grain Unfinished Furniture store.  Visit the store to get a glimpse of the original old depot.

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