Interactive Town History Blog

What do we know about our Town’s history other than that the Battle of Plattsburgh took place here?  Why and how were communities in Cadyville, Champlain Park, Cliff Haven, Cumberland Head, Morrisonville, Wallace Hill, South Plattsburgh, and West Plattsburgh begun and developed?  What became of Elsinore and Janesborough?

What do we know of our prehistory – the time when these same lands were contested or controlled by first the Native Americans, then the French, the British, and the Americans?   What of the contested lands of Charles de Fredenburgh, William Gilliland, and Zepheniah Platt?   Why did Fredenburgh  abandon both his luxurious home and his worker colony at the mouth of the Saranac River?  And what did our town look like 150, 100, 50, even 25 years ago?

We hope to explore all these topics through the present day help of blogger contributions to our historian’s web page.  Keep watch for the dynamic story of our Town over more than 200 years.  If you would like to be a part of the blogging team, contact


Look for our first post “We Missed the Cadyville Train” by Joe Provost, coming March 12, 2014.